We strive to keep shipping costs
to a minimum.

Since 1976 Moss Hill Foliage Inc. has provided a free and dependable local delivery service to our customers. Unfortunately do to rising fuel costs we are forced to address the issue and will be implementing a new delivery fee on all orders delivered by our vehicles.

Customer pickup during business hours
only 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. mon-fri.

Don't forget packaging.
23 X19, $3.00- $3.50
25 X 21 X 12 pack 288 or 432, $7.50
22 X12 X12 pack 144 or 216, $3.75
22 X 22, $3.50

Suggested shipping methods for
small quantities. Delivery method
must be no more than three business


Suggested shipping methods
for large quantities.

We have compiled a list of known shippers who handle the transportation of live foliage on a regular basis. All out of state shipments must use refrigerated trailers and the use of appropriate decking. It is not mandatory to use a shipper within our list. Please use this list as a reference guide only.

Suggested shipping methods
for expedited delivery.

We are a known shipper for all recommended airlines. All airlines depart from Orlando International Airport (MCO).
Transportation charges to the airport are $5.00 per box with a 10 box min.

We are certainly willing to work with the shipper of your choice.