Moss Hill Foliage
You are viewing an aerial shot of our facilities. This photograph was taken in 2005. The fiberglass roofed greenhouse near the front of the property has since been replaced with a modern steel and double poly house.

Shipping and Receiving
Our main shipping facility is located at the very front of our property. This allows quick and easy access for all vehicles. Semi's are welcome.

New Construction

Our newest facility opened in December of 2007. This 12,000 sq. ft. steel framed, double poly greenhouse is specifically designed for our high light, heat tolerant products.

Our Growing Environment
Change is a constant for us at Moss Hill Foliage and the appearance and functionality of our facilities is of utmost importance to us. Since the early 90's our goal has been to replace all older, inherited buildings with newer, more efficient structures. Our newest greenhouse helped us achieve those goals.